fickle sililoquies
find me in the shadows, lose me in your daylight
� � � � � �

My hours are married
to shadows.
My soul,
married to the moon.




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leaf tie

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Illustrations by Daniel Teixeira

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Interview Russia November 2012


art institute of chicago


c-dille fr


Mother of life and death 

Lady of the Stars 

Goddess of oceans 

Lady Moon and sky 

Lady of the Underworld 

Lady of wings that heal 

Lady of  wars 

My love for you is unconditional 

Lady of the Words of Power 

Hold me and heal me 

Until the end of time

Your name will be my chant, Goddess Aset

Goddess of all that exists

Sometimes I do not understand what you do, but I know that  you will always be on my side. And I feel so honored! I would do anything for you, and you know it :)  I merit Aset Netjret


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Gaston La Touche, Dans le Jardin, 1898

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Sophie Turner | Interview Magazine

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